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This is actually not a fanfic at all. I had to do a short paper for my Turkish class. I wanted to make sure I never lost it and I was like, "Oh yeah....I have a writing journal. Who says it only has to be for fanfic."

I DO WHAT I WANT....but only with my writing journal )

All my citations were taken out, of course, because I did the HTML settings. Also, this paper was so short...I only had three sources. We only have one weekend to do it. And granted, my teachers just wanted us to learn something. It only had to be three pages---but I could have gone on for quite a few more. There are only a few books in the library here.

I miss the research library at my college. Going there definitely made me write longer papers, hahaha.
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I did NOT write this.

Just so you know. But I found this great fic on the Kink meme but it's anon, of course, so I have no way to save it. So I'm putting the link here. It's about different countries dealing with some of the terrible things they've done.

Maybe You're a Sinner

The one about Germany, I think, touched the most. His guilt is so heavy.

On a lighter note, all this art is great.


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