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Title: At the Olympics
Warnings: Nothing. Just me being stupid.
Event: Figure skating. And hot men

Poland jumped up. "Omigod~! Who is that! Johnny Weir! America!"

America was deep in conversation with Canada. Discussing Hockey. Which was manly. Yeah. He surfaced. "What?"

Poland had jumped up. He was wearing bright red leggings and a fluffy white sweater dotted with sequins at the cuffs and brown leather boots trimmed in fur. He was holding onto the railing, bouncing. "Look at him! He's one of yours right?"

America looked and smiled. "Oh yeah. Johnny's a real crowd pleaser, they love him--"

"His costume is fabulous! Omigod, America. Where does he get them! He is working that--look at the tassels and the sheer layer over the hands! And the ribbon!" Poland threw his hands up, looking starstruck. "I just want to take him home with me--we could trade clothes! He's fabulous!"

Lithuania put his forehead in his hand, looking down.

"Oooomigod!" Poland squealed. "Did you see that triple-toe combination! Oh my God, guys! Holy shit! Does anyone have any roses! I need to give him roses, like, STAT!"

"The program isn't over yet," Lithuania reminded him.

"I don't even care, duh!"
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I did NOT write this.

Just so you know. But I found this great fic on the Kink meme but it's anon, of course, so I have no way to save it. So I'm putting the link here. It's about different countries dealing with some of the terrible things they've done.

Maybe You're a Sinner

The one about Germany, I think, touched the most. His guilt is so heavy.

On a lighter note, all this art is great.
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Title: God Loves Whomever
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] historyblitz
Character(s) or Pairing(s): primarily Prussia and bitty!Germany; and a whole slew of others
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: language, war and some suggestive dialog
Summary: The unification of Germany.

posted here

“I did not make out with you. Get on with the story and no more lies! )
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Title: The Wall
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] historyblitz
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, France, China, Russia, Prussia, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania and Italy
Rating: Thematic R
Warnings: violence, symbolism
Summary: The end of World War II, Russia's revenge on Germany and the building and falling of the Berlin Wall.

As a note. I am an American. I was all of three years old when the Berlin Wall fell. So what I am going on is some stuff from my history classes and bits I looked up on youtube. This is a work in progress---so if there is some historical detail here that I have missed, please tell me.

Just in case you need visuals, I nabbed a couple maps offline. Map showing the territory of old Prussia and a map of the four sectors made by the Allied powers. (Trying to find a newer map of Prussia. That one is too old.)

Eventually posted here

Russia slid a finger up, touching Prussia’s ear; still he didn’t flinch. )

Edit: Here we go. And you'll actually see that Prussia is not technically within German borders at the end of World War II. He was actually east of Germany and he lost all his territory to Poland and the USSR.

I'll admit...I messed that up and am just discovering it now that I spent quite a bit of time doing this. That's what I get for not researching thoroughly enough first.

Now I'm not sure what I should do with this. I still enjoyed writing this a lot. I don't often see these two on a brotherly level. I suppose maybe so long as I put up a disclaimer that I am well-aware of the historical inaccuracy--that Prussia is not technically East Germany--I could post it anyway?

Though, though, in the Old Prussia map--Prussia used to have that whole expanse of territory. (I really don't want these 15 pages to go to waste. I like this. Haha, so yes, I am looking for connections now.) So, technically--since Prussia united Germany and is Germany's brother--the Allies sort of 'pin' him as "east Germany' anyway. Russia did say he would "become East Germany"....so. So. Technically, this could work.

Edit: Haha, I came back to edit and, by chance, I turned on the song Pieces and suddenly this was a billion times sadder.


May. 15th, 2009 03:27 pm
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Title: The World is Changing
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] historyblitz
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Poland, Germany, Ukraine--basically everyone
Rating: Thematic R, violence
Warnings: Nuclear war. Russia is demonized and then humanized. This is another one that isn't quite finished. It's quite sad.

Eventually tweaked and posted.

Russia was crazy but not so crazy that he couldn’t see the problem if Canada retaliated. )


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