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Title: Doughnut Holes
Author/Artist: [livejournal.com profile] historyblitz, kept track of at [livejournal.com profile] historize
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, England, Canada
Rating: PG
Warnings: very recent politics
Summary: Just like doing little bits on modern politics, how America deals with the current weirdness going on

America was sitting at a handsome cherry wood desk. He had the recently-signed health care bill in front of him. He chewed his lip as he read sections of it.

England was on his right and he was mature enough that he felt that, perhaps, this would be a bad time for "I-told-you-so". So he watched America as he poured intently over the paperwork.

"Frankly, I can hardly believe it." England said quietly, nodding at it and glancing up at Canada.

"It's pretty impressive. He'll be remembered for it if your Republicans settle down and stop calling him names."

America took off his glasses and wiped them down. "Well, Johnson got called names when he signed Civil Rights legislation. My boss can take it..." His brows furrowed a little. He had faith in the guy--a lot of people did--so...

England touched his back. "It'll be all right. It will work itself out."

"How do we--I mean, this kind of system--I think people are just uncertain what the bill means for them. I can understand why some people are scared. Especially my older generations. They grew up during the Cold War. They're afraid of the government having too much control."

"They're afraid--it's your position in the world, America," England said, picking up his tea cup.

"I know...but--look--according to this poll--more people are for it now. Everyone's pretty divided but...maybe once the shock wears off and people start educating themselves..."

Canada smiled. "Hey, there's a section in here where you have to list calories in food on signs right next to selections. That's good."

America blinked and leaned over the mountains of paperwork. "Oh, yeah, there is. That's cool. Oh--haha--I guess I'll feel guilty now when I eat doughnut holes."

Canada looked at him. "Doughnut holes."

America lifted his eyebrows. "Doughnut holes."

"Doughnut holes?" asked England.

"Timbits," Canada said.

America snorted. "Doughnut holes."

"Timbits," Canada sang.

America put his hands over his ears. "Doughnut holes! Doughnut holes! Lalalalala! I can't hear you!"

"Oh my God," England rolled his eyes.

America smiled, Canada laughed and the brothers shared a fond glance as America removed his hands. "But yeah...it'll be good. It will help people be aware of what they are eating. It will help people be happier. This..."

"Can I say, nice of you to join us, yet?" England said, smirking a little.

America reached up a flicked him in the nose. "Only if you start drinking coffee."

Canada leaned on his elbow. "What do you think of the system?"

America glanced at him, then down. "Well...it's different. I mean--I can see why some people are wary, like I said. People don't want the government involved but also, people don't like to be taken care of. You know, my country is that of people who help themselves...and some people still cling to that. But that's mostly my older generation...my young. My students especially--early twenties who can't get insurance because they have no money and no decent jobs yet...they want it..." America tapped his pencil against the stack of paper. "I guess what I mean is...I'm uncertain. I'm not afraid and I'm carefully optimistic....but I think I'm uncertain. People don't know what this means for them and extremists on the Left and Right are both trying to shape everyone's opinions."

England sipped his tea.

Canada nodded. "I see what you mean."

America took a deep breath. "Guess we'll see what happens then."


The best thing we can do for ourselves as American citizens is educate ourselves! DO NOT take the television talking at you for truth. Read articles!

Health care: What you could see This has a timeline about changes we could see. Click on the blue boxes.

Health care bill requires calories on menus at chain restaurants

Health care: Winners and losers
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